Event Streaming Platform


In the era of Digital Transformation & Big Data, companies produce a tremendous amount of data generated from multiple difference sources to a wide variety of target systems (application, database, ...).


Your IT Infrastructure must be robust and scaled out to handle thousands of events in real-time and display the information as quickly as possible. In today's IT Infrastructures, the proliferation of Source and Target systems makes the environment and the data analysis more and more complex.


Finance Security builds and operates Event Data streaming platform that enables its customers to easily access and understand enterprise data. The Business Platform integrates data from multiples applications into a central Event Streaming Platform. 


Every event, log and piece of information from your IT environment has its importance.  As it becomes more and more important in today's data driven business, Finance Security helps its customers to handle and process data from multiple sources.  

The Event Data Streaming Platform is a distributed platform used to build real-time data pipelines and streaming applications. Finance Security operates & runs Event Data Streaming Platform around the clock both on premises or in public cloud.


Benefits at a Glance:

  • 8x5 or 24x7 operations.
  • Adherence to the ITIL Framework (All resources are ITILv3 certified).
  • Cost Savings: We remove the need for costly solutions/licenses.
  • Improve business productivity by enabling real-time data streaming.
  • Access to experienced Operations & Developer resources as an extension of your team.


Connect all Applications and Data to a central event streaming platform. 

Finance Security deploys in a secure way a complete streaming platform (On-premise or cloud based) to easily stream data from known data sources.  


Data Connector  

Besides the pre-built available connectors, Finance Security DevOps Team develops, builds and implements custom connectors for building real-time data pipelines between your Applications and the Streaming Platform.  


Format your Data for AI/ML for Google TensorFlow, Azure, AWS

Your business cannot wait – Finance Security experts connect your data in real-time.


Monitor and Manage your Data 

Finance security fully manages and monitors the streaming platform as well as the data that flows through it and can easily detects: 


- Message delivery latency 

- Missing, duplicate and delayed events 

- API Monitoring 

- Network Latency 

- Anomalies in the Infrastructure 


Reporting and Dashboard  

Are you still joining, merging tables and databases views to get ca. 80% of correct information ?

Finance Security can help you to get real-time information to make the right decisions.