Software Development

Finance Security is a Software development company. We are running DevOps since over 4 years and develop custom applications for Cloud infrastructure with a goal to automate internal processes and reduce costs.


If you today use Excel Export feature form available  tools and databases, then join exports form from different sources – you well know that data change on a regular basis and soon it is outdated and therefore incorrect.


Another problem might be that information in CMDB are incorrect. Enterprises are wasting time and money on described processes and at the end making decisions from outdated and incorrect data.

Finance Security can help make your Data Center information visible end-to-end: from Application to the data disk storage array with the base line management application from known vendors.


Our Software developers and Engineering have years of successful collaboration with customers in making significant cost reduction and operations improvements.


All software, and especially software in critical areas such as data centers, has to be of high quality.


Quality rules we follow includes:

• no bugs
• effective functionality: user can achieve a lot using simple interactions with the system
• agile development: arriving at the exact user requirement in a quick succession of frequent feedback loops
• sustainable evolution: modifications and additions to the system do not slow down development, not even in the long run


At Finance Security, we have decided to achieve these using Agile practices.

Customizing Reports

In order to get a 360° view of environment, data from different systems needs to be joined. As companies today use solutions from different vendors, integration of related raw data that comes from different systems is not an easy task.

Not many companies have their own internal development team (especially if they are not primary IT company).

Finance Security team consists from experienced software developers and architects as well as data analyst with years of experience in developing and deploying Business intelligence systems and custom reports.

Infrastructure Automation

No matter if you use public, private or hybrid cloud, infrastructure automation is of a great help. Automation makes the management of complex, diverse environments possible and allows rapid scaling. Automation means there is more time for mission-critical tasks, and the goal is to automate as many routine tasks as possible.

Processes that can be automated include:
• resource management
• application performance management
• infrastructure configuration
• error monitoring
• log management
• patching and updates…

Infrastructure automation starts with strategy and a deep understanding of processes – where Finance Security team has years of experience with its internal IT consultants, engineers, DevOps and Agile development team.

RestAPI/API integration

In order to create and manage private and public clouds our team of software developers are connecting popular enterprise and open source technologies via API to create dashboards for cloud and data center engineers.

Custom API integration projects are ideal for heterogeneous Clouds – Clouds that integrate components by many different vendors, either at different levels (a management tool from one vendor driving a hypervisor from another) or even at the same level (multiple different hypervisors, all driven by the same management tool).

The goal of API integration is that companies can self-manage different data sources while sharing a centralized interface.